Sunlight 3.07-3.13 – Preferences and Intents

No changes regarding Android L / Material Design in this section – just some pitfalls… 

[*Caution: Outdated content. My sunlight project has been discontinued. It refers to earlier versions of the v7 appcompat Library (21.0.3) and Android Studio (1.1).  I’ll keep the posts online for reference but with the current version of appcompat Library things may be different / easier today, so please refer to more up-to-date sources.]

This article is part of the Sunlight project and refers to Lesson 3  (the second half) of Googles Udacity Course “Developing Android Apps”.


If you are using the free / personal version of Genymotion, note that the list will remain blank. There is no network connection in the free version.


I noticed, that the activity transition may collide with the process of fetching new data respectively the list view being updated by the adapter after the data arrived. Sometimes this causes the app to crash due to a java.lang.NullPointerException in the transformation process!

Later, when the database is established to populate the list, this won’t be an issue anymore.

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