Introducing the Sunlight Project

[Outdated*] A series of articles, intended as an addition to the Udacity online course “Developing Android Apps“. The Sunshine app – extended version for Android 5.0 Lollipop. Featuring Material Design and the v7 appcompat Support Libraries.

[*Caution: Outdated content. My sunlight project has been discontinued. It refers to earlier versions of the v7 appcompat Library (21.0.3) and Android Studio (1.1).  I’ll keep the posts online for reference but with the current version of appcompat Library things may be diffrent / easier today, so please refer to more up-to-date sources.]

Google has build a fantastic course about Android Development and made it available for free on the Udacity online learning platform. The whole course is build around a litte weather app called “Sunshine”. During the course this app is developed step by step, covering many important aspects of app programming.

Unfortunately the course has been published before the release of Android 5 Lollipop. So many of the great new api features and material design are not covered. Thanks to the v7 appcompat Support Libraries most of the L-features are available for pre Lollipop versions, too. I started to write these blog posts to add the missing link to contemporary android coding. Naming the project “Sunlight” – similar to “Sunshine”, but containing the “L”.

I’m writing these post in my spare time. So please be patient regarding the tempo of new releases. Comments and tips are very much appreciated.

If you don’t know the Udacity course yet, start by taking a look at “Developing Android Apps”.

If you are new to android programming, it might be a good idea to follow the original course step by step to the end and take a look at my additions afterwards. Could be a little confusing to try learning all at once.

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